The last cigarette

Has already burned

You’re lookin’ your age, my friend

But what have you learned?

I’ll settle in

Now that you’re gone

And await your return


‘Cause you come back

You come back

When it rains


I’ve always wondered

Just how far you roam

When the freedom to leave

Is all that you own

You run these streets at night

And you give what you get

And you take what you’re owed


And you come back

You come back

When it rains


There’s nothin’ to show

For keepin’ you down someplace

You don’t belong

When I already know

Hell, nothin’ so wild stays too long


The clouds rollin’ in

And the wind’s pickin’ up

I shouldn’t be a-callin’ your name

Should be callin’ your bluff

But if you wander by tonight

You’ll find that my screen door’s

Just open enough


If you come back

If you come back

When it rains

If you come back

Always come back

When it rains


all lyrics wrtten by Lou Poster c & p 2018 Fairmont Music, LLC